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TrueNorth exists to empower the next generation of disciple-makers. Our mission is to see students deepen their love for God, grow together as His family, and make a real difference in the world. We believe relational discipleship is the way to fulfill this mission. Come and join us as we follow the One who is unchanging, Jesus Christ.

7pm in the High School room
February 28 • March 28 • April 25 • May 23




High School Gatherings

TrueNorth: Several hundred High School students gather every Sunday at 9am in the High School room (upstairs in the main building) to hear from God’s Word and respond by worshipping together. This is an incredible way for students, both new and old, to get connected to our ministry and meet new friends.

D-Groups: Discipleship is the most important thing we do at TrueNorth. Our desire is for every student to be involved in a D-Group, because in these small groups they learn how to go deeper into God’s Word while also forming deeper relationships with each other. Sign up here.

D-group leaders: If you would like to volunteer as a D-group leader, contact .

LUG Heads: Why would a High School student be interested in attending a Wednesday night Middle School event? Great question! During LUG Live, the High School students (LUG heads) teach the Bible and lead discipleship groups of Middle School students. We are continuously amazed at how much thought, prayer, and heart our LUG Heads pour into leading their Middle School students every Wednesday night. Contact .

TrueNinth: A weekly space for ninth-graders where we focus all of our attention on building up the newest members of High School - in friendship, in discipleship to Jesus, and in character. Contact . 

High School House Churches: Brookwood, Parkview, Artios, and Scholar's Guild house churches led by students, but huddled by staff. View current house churches or contact for more info.


Interested in visiting our High School gatherings or have a question?
We would love to hear from you! 

TrueNorth Parents: Please know that it is a huge privilege for us to come alongside your students, empowering them to love God, grow with the family of God, and reach the world. Let us know how we can help in your efforts to raise fully devoted followers of Christ.

How can I contact the High School Department?
If you have any questions, or if we can help you in any way, please call 770.979.7000 and ask for Lori McArthur, or you can email .

How can I stay in the loop?
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How can I help?
There are 2 main ways you as a parent can get involved:

  1. Pray for the leadership (for wisdom to lead) as well as our students.
  2. Serve – for opportunities to volunteer, please email Lori McArthur at . Parent volunteers are a huge and vital part of our ministry. You may not be the coolest, the most athletic, or anything else in-between, but if you love your student and want to be involved, then we want you!


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Interested in being baptized? Email for a signup form and more information. We have baptisms throughout the year and will make sure to let you know when the next opportunity is.