grace groups

Spring 2022

Equipping one another to follow Jesus well into the neighborhoods, nations and next generation. We believe the best way to follow Jesus well is to grow your relationship with God (UP), your relationship with others (IN), and your engagement with the world around you (OUT) is through the context of community.

We call these Grace Groups. And Grace Groups are where we do life together.
The next season of Grace Groups begins in Fall 2022

There are plenty of Grace Groups for you to connect with. Whether you meet for dinner in a home, at our Snellville Campus, in an office, at a park or a sports field. Whether it’s a bunch of men, a group of ladies, couples, or a mix of men and women of all different demographics. Whether it’s focused around a common school, a particular neighborhood, or a specific area of interest, the goal is always the same – to live UP, IN, and OUT together. 

Because we care about your personal growth, connection, and crises we have designed three primary ways that you can become part of a Grace Group.  We offer groups through Classes, Community Groups and Care Groups.


Classes are designed to come alongside you in your walk with God and help you continue to grow. Through a healthy combination of teaching, training and tactics our Classes will empower you to know God, know yourself and know your world in a way that will help you embrace the life that God intends for you, while also becoming a formidable force of wisdom and power to those around you.

Communities are mid-size groups that function together as an extended missional family.  They will equip you to live out Kingdom Values through the real life-on-life pattern of Jesus. Through practices like story-telling and sharing meals together, spiritual family is formed. Missionally these groups function to reach a certain network or neighborhood, together in a way that is both fun and normal.

Care groups are created to help you through critical or difficult stages of life. In these groups our hope is that you will find the pastoral help you need to weather your current crisis or prepare you for your next transition.