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Personal Investment Webinars

Personal Investment Webinars are designed to help you make the most of whatever season of life you find yourself in. We want to help equip you to follow Jesus well. These webinars are investment opportunities that will help you process your current realities, equip you to handle obstacles along the way, and invest in your spiritual growth for the future you want to create.

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Is Peaceful Parenting Possible in Quarantine? by Sarah Holley

What Is It? Stewarding Unexpected Benefits in a Crisis by Marqus Cole

Investment For Life How to Make The Most of the Things That Matter the Most by Dave Rhodes and Cameron Walker

Rhythms and Routines by Denise Cox

Emotionally Healthy by Rachael Vigardt and Cameron Walker

Peace in the Pandemic by Megan Keyes

Presence In Crisis For Others by Mike Williams and Jon Stallsmith

Worship In The War by David Walker

The Gospel In A Global Pandemic by Grace 360 Team

Key Conversations: Talking to Your Kids about Their Faith and Worldview by Jodi Hooper

Creating A Safe Harbor by Rachael and Chris Vigardt

How To Design The Life God Created You To Live by Dave Rhodes and Rebecca Roudebush

Made To Create by Lauren Walker

Keeping The First Things First by Kyle Borgognoni

Mission Possible: The Plan To Bless The Nations by Grace 360

Unpack: Learning How To Be Fully Here Right Now by Jeremy Nuckolls

Created To Learn: Embracing A Life of Knowledge and Wisdom by Michael Johnston and Marqus Cole

Family On Mission By Dave and Kim Rhodes

Doing Life With Your Adult Children by Jeff and Brenda Jones

Simple Steps To Study Scripture Part 1 by Sarah Holley

Simple Steps To Studying Scripture Part 2 by Sarah Holley

Follow The Leader: How To Follow and Help Others to Follow Jesus Well by Marqus Cole and Dave Rhodes

Parenting Your Children According To Their Personality by Cameron Walker

Round 8 – May 27

Presenter: Cameron Walker

Have you ever wondered how two kids from the same set of parents raised in the same home can be so different? Some children are outgoing and never meet a stranger, while others are quiet and reserved. Some kids struggle with anxiety over how well they will do on their math test, while others can’t remember there is a math test to worry about!

There’s no denying it, our children have a natural wiring that shapes how they see and respond to the world around them.
In this Webinar Wednesday we will look in depth at your child’s natural wiring and how you can develop better strategies of connection, communication, scheduling, and discipline.

Link to webinar:
For password, text keyword webinar to 770.637.0191

Presenters: Sarah Holley

For many people, the idea of studying Scripture is overwhelming, confusing, or might even seem boring. Yet Scripture talks of the value of reading and knowing it: it’s more valuable than gold, it can give us wisdom, and it can lead to freedom. So, what do you do if you want to read the Bible but just don’t know where to start or what to do when you begin? You join our webinar! This webinar is the second in a two-part series where you’ll learn some simple steps to make the Bible come alive. You’ll find that this easy framework can take your Bible reading time from chaotic to clarifying, from bland to rich.

Link to webinar:
For password, text keyword webinar to 770.637.0191

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We have put together a list of recommended books, articles, apps and other resources for you personal growth in these key areas: spiritual, relational, intellectual, emotional, physical, financial and fun! Check the list occasionally for future updates.