We acknowledge and communicate the reality that God is calling his people to minister to every tribe nation and tongue. We encourage any good motive among members willing to uproot their lives for the sake of the gospel and we know that without these individuals the Gospel may not reach certain parts of the globe. We also encourage individuals to get wise counsel and work to explore how the vision that God has given Grace could impact their plan to engage the nations.
Our heart is burdened to see a wave of goers who encounter the unreached and unengaged sections of the world with a sustainable platform and identity. Our prayer is that God would use them to initiate movements to Jesus, embedded in the local context.

Phases of Sending

• Checking Heart motivations: Why are you going?
• Discovering Personal giftings: What is your contribution
• Seeking External Confirmation: Do other confirm your calling
• Developing a cross cultural lifestyle: Are you engaging cross culturally now?
• Obtaining marketable experience: Do you need more education or vocational training?

• Seriously consider your family needs: How will you equip and protect your family?
• Establish home church friendships: Do you have close friends in your home church?
• Research sending organizations: Should you work with an agency?
• Establishing a platform in country: Could a tentmaking job be strategic?
• Know on field Team expectations: How well do you know your team?

• Assessing the people group: Do you know your target people
• Connecting and belonging in society: What will be your identity
• Learning the language and culture: Do you understand your first task?
• Working as a cross cultural servant: What is your attitude toward the people?
• Forming healthy accountability: Are you walking in the light?
• Launch: Work with 360 team to schedule commissioning

• Work with 360 team to schedule commissioning

International Residency

The International Residency exists to Glorify God and serve others by cultivating missional lifestyles in next generation leaders through an immersive experience centered on cross cultural housing, spirit led ministry, and reproducible discipleship.

Intentional Housing
Each resident will reside in the heart of Clarkston, GA, the most diverse square mile in the U.S., with over 100 nationalities represented. The Clarkston area represents a strategic cross cultural location for training, sending, and discipling.

Spirit Led Ministry
Residents will be encouraged to live a “Shema Lifesyle” to pursue God with all of their heart, mind, soul, and strength. From that place of intimacy, effective and spirit empowered ministry flows out.

Reproducible Discipleship
Residents will learn Biblical, reproducible, kingdom principles that are being used all over the world to see Cousins come into the kingdom.

Residency Starts mid August and ends mid May.

Cross Cultural Experiences

Short term experiences are an extension of our long term partnerships across the world. Instead of going broad we have chosen invest in a few quality, long-term opportunities that allow our church to reflect God’s design for mission. We value going as humble learners, incarnationally present in the communities we serve, holistic in our methods, led by those who have the best understanding of the area- the locals, strategically allocating our funds and resources to areas the is no Kingdom witness.

Kosovo: Student Trip
Experience the panoramic beauty of Europe’s youngest country and population. Watch firsthand as God plants the seeds of a movement. Every year, our team of students and adults heads to Kosovo to assist Kosovo Hope in providing a two-week summer camp for hundreds of High School Students. This is an amazing opportunity for Kosovar students to come and practice their English, as well as gain leadership skills, grow in their creativity, and learn how to effectively serve their communities. In addition to enjoying Kosovo, teams will have the opportunity to visit Macedonia and Greece.
Population: 1.9 Million
Languages: Albanian (official) 94.5%, Bosnian 1.7%, Serbian (official) 1.6%,
Turkish 1.1%
Religion: Muslim 95.6%, Roman Catholic 2.2%, Orthodox 1.5%

Kosovo: Medical Trip
Join our medical team as they travel to Kosovo to hold medical Clinics. These clinics will take place in villages that are close in proximity to Suhareke, Kosovo. The medical team encompasses roles for: providers (MD’s, DO’s. PA’s. NP’s), other health care professionals, registered nurses/licensed practical nurses, pharmacists/pharmacy technicians, physical therapists, and “helpers”(i.e.,non-medical team members who assist in patient movement and other support roles). Our vision is to transform the healthcare system of Kosovo.

E.P.I.C: Israel / Palestine
During EPIC (Encountering People In Context), we aim not only to learn about the Holy Land’s history but how we could impact its present and future. Our group, led by the Jesus and the Qur’an teaching team, will tour, train, and – most importantly – talk with Christians, Jews, and Muslims in their own context about Jesus, His Kingdom, and lasting peace. Already we have seen this trip radically transform lives (including our own), and we expectantly invite you to join us.
Population: Israel: 8.3 Million // Palestine: 2.7 Million
Languages: Hebrew (spoken by Israeli settlers and many Palestinians), Arabic, English (widely understood)
Religion: Israel: Jewish 74.7%, Muslim 17.7%, Christian 2% // Palestine: Muslim 80-85% (predominantly Sunni), Jewish 12-14%, Christian 1-2.5%