Blog Disclaimer
“Some context before you go off on somebody”

Please note that the views and opinions of the articles on this website belong to the writers wherever an article has a byline. That means that such articles do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the church itself. Grace has always been a home to people who unite around Jesus in spite of a rather wide theological diversity. Some of the richest and best conversation arises from that diversity, however, and so we try to make as much space as possible for positive conversation. If you are curious about the more specific legal language surrounding these issues, please see our  Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Although we can’t promise that the writing there is as compelling as what you (hopefully) find elsewhere on the site.

All that legal talk can be hard to comprehend, but it is important that you understand some things about what we’ve collected and written on our site. The people of our community have opinions, and we like that. In fact, we like it so much that we want this website to be a space for sharing and discussing those opinions. We also know that people often communicate in short hand with others in their own community and context. That means it is quite possible someone reading a post might misunderstand what the author is saying or the context. Please be gracious and generous as you seek to understand.

We aren’t lawyers and we don’t want to sound like them, so we aren’t always posting every thought and caveat to every possibility to every topic. It’s not intentional to leave stuff out, but we might not alway address every issue to the full extent that you would like, especially online. Some conversations are best in actual conversation, face-to-face. And we are extremely available for that!

Also, on the whole we read a lot of books, watch movies, and enjoy TV shows. So if we quote from one of these sources, it’s not necessarily an endorsement of that person or work. It’s just a quote or a thought from that work that happened to inspire us. We believe that all truth is God’s truth, and wherever we find truth, we see God at work. We celebrate what he is doing, and we don’t feel particularly compelled to couch every quotation with caution. We are thankful that we have a good Father who celebrates our steps instead of critiquing our shortcomings. Besides, he hasn’t contacted us for collaboration on anyone else’s sanctification besides our own.

If you comment on this site and those comments are not in the spirit of building up and encouragement, we reserve the right to take them down. We certainly do not want to stifle authentic opinions, but at the same time we aren’t interested in giving voice to bitterness, wickedness, or other anti-kingdom of God expressions. This isn’t censorship. Nor is this a freedom of expression issue. It’s just preference. We get to choose what our site is like, and you get to choose yours. Let’s be edifying and kind.

At the end of the day, we are people living in community trying to follow Jesus. That is always a bit messy, and so we are open to correction, and we know we make mistakes. Please be kind, and we will try to be as well. Our goal is to be encouraging and edifying to the Church–that’s with a capital “C” because we want to serve the global community of Christ-followers. We rejoice that other churches are in our community are helping transform people lives through the power of God’s Word and his Spirit. Please join with us as we pursue the goal of being more like Jesus, by studying his Word, by aiming to do things the way he did them, and by continuing the works that he has set out for us in this world.