We do our best to help train you to be effective at what you do. Without doubt, sharing our faith is a learned skill–even Jesus needed 3 years with the disciples to teach them how to do it.

Jesus And the Qur’an (JAQ)

Our primary, essential training for local church folks with a desire to share their faith clearly with Muslims. This Friday night and Saturday training helps give a biblical foundation and practical tools, including a general overview of the content of the Qur’an. We schedule four weekend trainings in Atlanta each year, in addition to international trainings. For more information, registration, and dates, please visit the JAQ website here.

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Perspectives is a ten-month course offered in the Atlanta area (including Grace campuses, depending on the season) offering a biblical and historical overview of God’s work in the world.  Perspectives is taught by some of the best guest speakers in the world and can be taken for college credit.  To find an upcoming class, click here.  Typically they begin in September and January.

LAUNCH Pipeline

In this great adventure of global discipleship, there will always be “Goers” and “Senders.” For the Goers, we have developed a special sending pipeline called Launch that takes you through a one-year process of preparing to GO.

The Launch Pipeline includes Encounter Launch, which is a 10-week course on making disciples and learning God’s heart for the nations, as well as Launch House Church, which is a 9-month apprenticeship for those who hope to go to the nations or help others go. Launch Talks will be held 2-3 times per year as well, and these will be great resources for people preparing to go to the nations. For more information on the Launch Pipeline please email Jennifer .