Last week we talked about what it means to be the family of God. Every family has rituals. Some are fun, like wearing crazy sweaters at Christmas; some are formal, like praying together before meals or bedtime. Rituals and routines shape our lives, but they are never the goal in and of themselves. The goal is to have rich and meaningful lives and relationships.

The family of God has very important rituals as well. And truthfully some of them seem awkward at times. Why do we sing so much? Why do some people lift their hands? Why are church services so introspective at times and so loud and celebratory at other times? What do these rituals mean and how are they helpful?

This Sunday, we discuss the biblical rituals of worship and how they fuel our eternal relationship with our Heavenly Father.


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Cameron Walker

Cameron Walker

Cameron is part of the Ten Thousand Fathers worship school team and also leads worship at Grace Family of Churches gatherings.