“A Family on Mission”


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  • Jon Stallsmith
    Campus Pastor
    Mainly, I try to listen to God's Word and God's people so that we can make disciples and serve the community like Jesus would if He were here. I...
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  • Denise Cox
    GraceKidz Team Leader
    My heart is to share God's love and His Word with children and families inside the church and out into our schools and community. I love seeing God set the...
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  • Dave Rhodes
    Pastor of Adults and Kingdom Initiatives
    I love to help design pathways for people to grow in their relationship with Christ and become agents of change in their world. Along with my wife, Kim, and...
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  • Erin Burchik
    grace360 Director (Missions)
    Our grace360 team loves to connect the people from Grace to opportunities to befriend and serve people from all over the world. We do that internationally by sending people...
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  • David Walker
    Worship Leader
    I love the opportunities I get to serve the Grace family. There’s something special about the wonder and beauty of God’s people worshiping Him in Spirit and in Truth....
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  • Rebecca Roudebush
    Hospitality Team Leader
    I have the honor of creating a welcoming environment that equips people to experience the Kingdom through connecting them to each other…and a cup of coffee!
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  • Benton Cranford
    High School Pastor
    I get to see high school students impact their schools for God's glory.
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  • Dawn Brown
    Grace Moms Ministry Leader
    It is a joy to serve and love babies and young moms.
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  • Kelly Vann
    GraceKidz Team
    I have the privilege of working with our 2nd and 3rd graders on Sundays, our K–1st graders on Wednesday nights at KidzLife, and after school in Good News Clubs.
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  • Jodi Hooper
    Kidzlife Guru
    WHAT I DO AT GRACE I have the awesome job of writing curriculum for our kids for GraceKidz and KidzLife. I also teach large group lessons to our fabulous second...
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  • Mershara Lewis
    GraceKidz Team
    I work with kindergarten and first grade students on Sundays, three and four year olds (BigKidz) on Wednesday nights and Good News Clubs at Kanoheda and Camp Creek Elementary...
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  • Dana Carter
    Treehouse Coordinator
    I simply love working with kids of all ages in any respect. However, having the privilege to shepherd kids as they grow in knowledge of God's amazing love and...
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  • Judy Smith
    GraceKidz Team
    I am so thankful for the opportunity to spiritually invest in the next generation. Whether it's kindergarten and 1st graders on Sunday mornings, the KidzLife parking lot at carpool...
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  • Ruth Collings
    GraceKidz Trail Coordinator
    I prepare all of the crafts for GraceKidz, KidzLife and other craft needs, mentor our other campuses to do the same and train and involve volunteers in the GraceKidz...
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  • Becky Martini
    GraceKidz Team Admin
    What I do at Grace- I do data entry for all GraceKidz and KidzLife programs. It excites me to assist and help organize the different ministries under the GraceKidz umbrella...
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