Tips for Hosting a Grace watch party

Thanks so much for being willing to host a watch party!

A Grace Watch Party is a simple gathering of people intending to connect around Grace Snellville’s Sunday worship. Some Watch Parties may watch it together, while others may choose to gather after viewing and discuss at that time.

In this document are some helpful tips on how to have an amazing Watch Party. We encourage you to look at the people and families who will be coming and make decisions that best fit your context. Remember, the primary goal is not to “get through” content but to make space for relationship, connection, and spiritual substance. If you can have one meaningful conversation or exchange that is rooted, renegade, or real–that’s a win! Of course, God may do much more than that, but we remember that God is the Lord of the harvest (Matt. 9:35-38), and we’re simply laborers going out into the fields with faith (and maybe some tasty food).

Have fun, be creative, and most importantly provide spaces to connect!

View the helpful tips below, or download here (pdf).

Food is a major connector in helping people feel welcomed and comfortable. We encourage you to include food at your watch parties. Try simple things for food. For breakfast – buy donuts, cook pancakes or muffins, make a fruit bowl, bring a breakfast casserole. For lunch or dinner consider everyone bringing their own meals or order pizza, or cook out and have everyone bring a side. Obviously, some people may be very concerned about coronavirus around meal-sharing. Be gracious, and have an open conversation about everyone’s comfort level!

Here are some additional recommendations: 

  • Wash hands before and after you eat. (Shouldn’t we be doing this anyway?)
  • Have wipes or hand sanitizer available.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • Use disposable utensils and plates.
  • Sanitize and wipe down frequently touched objects and surfaces.

You may choose to watch it while you are gathered with your Watch Party, while some Watch Parties may choose to watch the livecast in individual homes first and then get together for meals/conversation/prayer afterwards in driveways/backyards/homes.

The transition from casual interaction to intentional conversation rarely happens accidentally in a group. Almost always, a leader must facilitate by gathering the group’s attention, setting a few simple guidelines, and then prompting discussion with the group. 

Say something like, “Ok everyone, let’s talk about life and God for the next _____ minutes”

Then, if people in your group are not used to creating safe space for sharing, explain a few simple guidelines:

  • Everyone’s voice is valued and welcome.
  • We use “I” statements to speak about your own point of view.
  • We are not trying to interrupt or “fix” other people.
  • We listen to each other.
  • These will be made available to hosts in advance of each Sunday.
  • There is TOO MUCH to cover in one week, so we encourage hosts to focus on one or two questions.
  • It is far more important for everyone to have an opportunity to speak than to get through all the content

A couple of possible questions to generate prayer requests

  • What is the one thing we can be praying for you or your family this week?
  • What is the one thing that feels the most stressful or is creating the most anxiety for you this coming week?
  • What is one place in your life right now that you need God’s guidance/breakthrough/provision (spiritually, physically, relationally, emotionally)?
  • Please Note: Sometimes in groups it can feel really redundant to take time sharing prayer requests and then praying through those very same prayer requests! We would encourage you to let people know that in sharing with each other, God is hearing their needs, then pray briefly for all the things shared (unless of course there is an obvious need to stop and pray right then for 1-2 of the requests, like for example is someone needs physical healing or a significant breakthrough)

A couple of questions to guide that time: 

  • Who is one person in my life (friend/family/neighbor) I hope will begin a relationship with Jesus? 
  • What is one area of concern in my world (community/workplace/neighborhood) that needs the love and power of Jesus to bring healing and hope?

Recommendations for Communion: 

  • Have a loaf of bread wrapped in cloth (or provide individual wafers/crackers). Whoever is handling the bread be sure to wash hands. 
  • Read Matthew 26:26-28. 
  • Have everyone tear off a piece of bread without touching the rest of the loaf. As they do so say, “The body of Christ, given for you.”
  • Pour a small sip of wine/grape juice into individual cups. As you do so say, “The blood of Christ shed for you.” 
  • Say a blessing, thanking God for the bread and cup. 
  • Everyone take, eat, and drink. 

Find a way to serve your neighborhood, or relational networks. Ideas:

  • Is there someone you know in need? 
  • Go on a prayer walk together. 
  • Pick up trash. Bake some cookies to deliver to a neighbor.

If you have kids in the mix look for ways to keep them engaged and connected. It may be that the entire focus of the gathering time is devoted to investing in the kids, or some groups may choose to do a little focused time with the kids (10-15 minutes) and then let them play or be in a separate space while the students and adults discuss the sermon content. 

  • Use the craft and conversation sheets that the GraceKidz team is providing each week.
  • Include them in the conversation. Ask them questions. Take their answers seriously.
  • Ask them to pray or to read a Bible verse. 
  • It’s okay for it to be loud and messy, or to feel a little chaotic or disjointed. The important thing is that families are learning how to worship God together, process what He’s doing in their lives, and intentionally pray for and bless one another.

If you have students, include them with the Adult conversations. Our Grace Student staff will also be working on ways for your middle schoolers and high schoolers to connect meaningfully with each other through the summer. 

Some groups may have someone who can sing or play an instrument (or both!) Feel free to be creative about how that happens. Music can be especially helpful in connecting with the kids. 

Think about how to make lyrics accessible since most people don’t have the words of songs memorized. You can find lyrics online very easily, and then you can potentially share them with others in your group on a group email or text thread so that they can have them o their phone. 

We imagine some Watch Parties might prefer to substitute their own community live worship for some or all of the Grace Snellville worship time. That is entirely ok! 

  • Have people stay at home if they are sick or symptomatic in any way. 
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces.
  • Medically fragile and elderly Georgians are to continue to shelter in place through June 12, 2020.
  • Meet outside if possible (front porches, back yards, camp chairs in cul-de-sacs). 
  • If inside, provide enough space and/or limit the number of people to have comfortable space to spread out and socially distance appropriately. 
  • If watching together, hosts will need to setup a suitable device (television, laptop, etc) with internet to watch the Grace Snellville Livecast together. 
  • Masks are still recommended by the CDC for public gatherings. 

Let us know what worked and what didn’t (report out form). Your feedback is extremely valuable! If you have any questions reach out to  We are here to help.

Social media is a fantastic way to share your watch party experiences, connect with and encourage others. So, with permission of those in your group, share your photos, videos and comments using #gracetogether.