Place In Grace

Place in Grace: God & Good Gifts

What do Christmas, birthdays, and anniversaries have in common? When I was a kid the answer would have been simple–presents, gifts, and cards filled with money! As a little guy, I remember walking to the mai...

Powerfully Humble

As we continue to look at prayers that changed this crazy, messed up world, we all want to learn how to experience a powerful prayer life that alters the course of human history. The good news is, God wants to ...

Unless the Lord…

Scripture values fathers! In our culture, great dads are not necessarily regularly featured on the evening news. If anything, we see more newspaper headlines of dads who let down their family and society. In 25...

One Story 11: Church, Book of Acts

In a world that seems to settle for–and even aim for–an ORDINARY life, we all want to believe that something EXTRAORDINARY is possible. We NEED to believe that an EXTRAORDINARY LIFE is within our grasp. [more...]
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Grace: A Beautiful Attraction

Last week, Acts 15 reminded us that we are a mess; the early church was a mess; that everyone everywhere is a mess. We also discovered that Jesus’ presence in our lives can make us a beautiful mess. It is undeniable that there is longing inside every human heart to be more than a mess. [more...]
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Grace: A Beautiful Mess

Life is a mess! You don't have to be an investigative reporter to validate that statement! The simple act of knowing people affirms this fact. Life is a mess because we are a mess! [more...]