Grace Snellville 3.0

A white paper for the next season of our church

Typically, a “white paper” is an organizational document that briefly informs its readers about a complex issue and then expresses a preferred way forward. In this white paper, I will outline where we’ve been as a church, what has changed in our neighborhood, and a vision for what’s ahead.

As our founding pastor Buddy Hoffman used to say, “The message of the Gospel doesn’t change, but the method of its delivery is always changing.” During the last several years, much has changed in our neighborhood and in our world. I started working at Grace in 2004, and since then I’ve never experienced leadership challenges quite like what we’ve faced during these last years of disruption and dislocation. And yet, as we emerge from the shadow of the pandemic, I am as energized and clear as ever that we are living through a unique moment of opportunity for both our newer Grace folks and our long-time “veterans” to step into the season ahead so that, God-willing, our next 20 years might be as fruitful as our first 40.

Jon Stallsmith
Lead Pastor
February 2022

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