go with grace

go With Grace to Your BUS STOP

Before you go

  • Buy treats and supplies to share with children and parents at the bus stop (popsicles to celebrate the first day of school, coffee in a thermos with cups to share with parents, pencils etc with encouraging messages)
  • Pray that God would grant you favor and conversations with parents and students at the bus stop
  • Go with the mindset that God may bring new people into our life.

While you are at the bus stop

  • Pay attention to who is at the bus stop. Are there new people from your neighborhood you don’t know yet? Introduce yourself. 
  • Offer parents coffee and students a prepared treat.
  • Allow any conversation to be natural and normal.  If the conversation lends itself to introductions or summaries of your life, be sure to include the importance faith plays in your life. See where the conversation leads and do not be afraid of making a mistake because God is creating the space for His Spirit to work. He wants to work in their lives more than you want Him to. 
  • If appropriate, make plans to connect with parents at other times. (ex: Mom’s plan to take a walk on certain days. As relationships develop invite families to your table)

After you leave

  • Pray for the people you met at the bus stop. See Matthew 10:42
  • Follow up with parents and children if appropriate or if you shared contact information.
  • Look for the same people you met the next time you are at the bus stop.
  • Invite new friends, as well as old over for a play or homework time after school.

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