UPDATE: Wednesday, June 24
In this video from Jon Stallsmith, with help from Bethany and Maggie:

  • In this update from Jon, with help from Bethany and Maggie:
  • This week we’ve been taking our inspiration from Jeremiah 20, where Jeremiah has a very personal prayer life with God that gives him courage to live well and walk in his calling.
  • Jesus teaches us to have a similar, powerful prayer life through the Lord’s prayer.
  • What does “hallowed” mean? It means to keep holy. We’re praying that God would be known as He really is and everything we know of Him would be true and we would reflect His character.
  • How can we live in a way that God is known as He really is? We go back to Jesus’ death on the cross and his resurrection, where God’s love, justice, righteousness are demonstrated and our redemption is accomplished.
  • Reminder for watch parties this Sunday – details here.