UPDATE Monday, June 29
In this video update from Jon Stallsmith:

  • Jon and Bethany talk about what exile means. There is both grief of what’s been left behind and lost, and the challenge of making the most of life in a new place.
  • In Jeremiah chapter 29, the words from God to the people in exile are to seek the peace (shalom) of the city. 
  • Shalom is holistic human flourishing: in relationships, economies and orientation to God.
  • How do we make the most of where we are, and can we seek the peace and blessing of those around us? How can we trust God to help us?
  • Reminder, no Sing-A-Lawn this week – our next one is Wednesday, July 8.
  • We’ll be getting out plans soon for what’s next for Grace Snellville gatherings through the end of July and into the Fall.