UPDATE Monday, June 22
In this video update from Jon Stallsmith:

  • In Jeremiah chapter 20, we read the raw confession between the prophet and God. But in that place of prayer, in verses 11-13, Jeremiah meets with God and remembers that God is for him and is on his side. 
  • Jeremiah’s personal prayer conversation with God happens in private. Some things in our lives are best worked out in private, alone with God in prayer.
  • Jesus talked about praying in private in Matthew chapter 6, and later he taught the Lord’s prayer.
  • We encourage you to take some time to be alone with God today and work through issues that have arisen from all that has been happening.
  • Use the Lord’s prayer (Matthew ch. 6:9-13) as a guide to pray about issues such as provision, forgiveness, and spiritual attack.
  • Reminder that Sing-A-Lawn outdoor worship is Wednesday at 7pm and Watch Parties happening on Sundays. Keep following Jesus well!