In Exodus 17, the wandering Israelites come across two very different enemies: a fierce people ready to battle against them, and an ungrateful complaining attitude within. We tend to fear one kind of enemy while excusing the other. But one thing we know for sure is that God always stands with us, ready to fight any enemy for us if we will just call upon Him.


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Family Talk Discussion Questions

Title: Red Sea Reset: Together // Exodus 18

Quick Review:
In this chapter we get to eavesdrop on a conversation between Moses and his father-in-law, Jethro. Moses recapped all that the Lord had done in fighting for and providing for His people, which brought glory to God and strengthened Jethro’s faith. And Jethro gives some sage advice to Moses about spreading himself too thin.

As a family, take time to discuss these questions and possible action steps you can take.

What do you like about large gatherings?
What is best about small gatherings?
What are some things that only happen in the larger gathering?
What are some things that only happen in smaller gathering?
Who are we connected to in the smaller community sense?
Who would we be excited about doing a Watch party with?
What might we gain by doing this? What would the other people gain?
How can we glorify God when we get together?

Extra Step: Discuss the possibilities and details of your family hosting a watch party at your home:
Would it be indoors or out, what time, would we serve food? Would we watch the sermon together or meet afterward, would kids and adults stay together?
Invite some people over for a watch party next Sunday.

Come to Grace and worship outside if you’re comfortable on Wednesday June 3rd at 6pm!