“Is Peaceful Parenting Possible?”
Sarah Holley, guest speaker
Sunday, February 2, 2020

at Grace Snellville in the High School room

If you’re like most Christian parents, you want your kids to behave, be happy, and be like Jesus. But what if some of YOUR behaviors and beliefs actually make that less likely? Come learn some simple but powerful truths that will not only cause your parenting to be less stressful, but will also make you a more peaceful and effective parent. You will leave empowered to lead your family in following Jesus well.

Prior to joining Grace’s Adult Ministries Team, Sarah Holley worked for The ScreamFree Institute as a Senior Fellow and the Director of Learning and Growth, where she traveled around the world training leaders in marriage and parenting. She has been married to Bobby for 24 years and has three nearly grown kids, Graham, Reeve, and Hannah.

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