Church is more than a place, a name, a building or a program. It is a movement. It is a movement of people loving God, loving each other and living life together on His kingdom mission.

Our hope is that everyone who calls Grace home would be part of this movement. And YES—that includes you! Each Spring and Fall we release our Grace Groups catalog where we hope you will find opportunities to connect to this movement, and that it will help you meet some amazing people who are a part of it. We want and invite you to be resourced and equipped alongside some of them, and released back on mission together. And we want this, because our heart for you is not just that you get swept up or touched by Grace Church, but that you also become an integral part of it.

Communities are mid-size groups of people that function together as an extended missional family. This is the place where the life of Christ is fleshed out through the real life-on-life pattern of Jesus. As this happens through practices like story-telling and sharing meals together, spiritual family is formed. Missionally these groups function to reach a certain network or neighborhood, together in a way that is both fun and normal.

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Grace Snellville News