Summit 2020 // A one-day gathering for spiritual leaders
Rooted Renegades: Be Refreshed. Be Equipped. Lead.
To gather our family together for a day of refreshing, equipping, and re-energizing us to lead in our God-given contexts. 

Saturday January 11, 2020, 9:30am-4:30pm
Grace Midtown: 579 Travis St. Atlanta Georgia 


Summit Highlights:
Keynotes by Banning Liebscher, Founding Pastor of Jesus Culture and Dave Rhodes, Pastor of Kingdom movements
Worship by Pat Barrett, Aaron Keyes and other Grace Leaders
Extensive training Labs from some of best leaders in the country including Jamie & Donna Winship, Drew Hyun, Tim Wynn, Aaron Keyes, Jessica Moerman, and more. 

Join us on Saturday, January 11, 2020 to be refreshed, equipped and re-energized to lead. As Rooted Renegade leaders, we are all called to shape whatever sphere of culture God has rooted us within. But we need moments to pause from the urgent demands and day to day routines, so that we can reflect and re-focus on what’s most important. What does God want to do next? Are we listening? Do we have the proper perspective needed for the next season? Summit 2020 is not just another church conference – it’s not about more information, but an opportunity for transformation. We will worship together, hear a Word from God, workshop aspects of our leadership and mission in labs together, and of course have plenty of coffee and conversation among friends. We invite you to join us at the top of the mountain again – to take the journey to the Summit – we believe if you see more clearly, you will lead more confidently and effectively. 

Registration open from today until Jan. 1, but limited spots, so register asap.

Regular Ticket Price: $59
Grace Family discount: $29 with code GRACEFAMILY
(inside the family only –  do not promote this discount on social media, only on stage at church)

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