Empower Parenting

Sunday, October 20, 5:15-7:30pm
Grace Snellville main auditorium
Childcare provided for Nursery-5th grade

Empower Parenting will feature guest speaker Mandy Majors from nextTalk.org. She will be sharing some must-know information for parents of all ages. We’re in new territory. The digital world has changed parenting. We’re the first generation that has to find a way to keep kids safe online.

  • Even if you’re delaying getting your child a phone, what about when your child goes to the neighbor’s house? Or, what happens when your child is told about inappropriate online content on the playground or the bus? 
  • NextTalk is a team of real families with kids ages 4-22. They’ve discovered this solution in their homes. When restrictions failed or their kids were exposed to bad content from another child’s phone, this solution worked. They want to help you create a culture of honest conversation to keep your kids safe.
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