The Road is the place of mission and risk. How are you going to make God-space in your life? The Road is an invitation and a commitment to ‘Go.’ While we may have seasons or events in our lives that are more defined by the Road than others, we also want to make space daily to engage with the Road. These are the moments of ministry when we make ourselves available for God to move through us in new ways toward the people and world around us.


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Title: Rooted Renegades: Road // Scripture: Luke 9:51–62

ARRIVAL / SOCIAL TIME 15-20 minutes Spend the first 15 minutes or so of your time together catching up and socializing with one another. Also find time to catch up together on how the assignments from last week turned out.

SERMON REVIEW 5-10 minutes

The cave represents the time and place we spend talking to and listening to God. The road represents the times and places where we live out what we learned and heard in the cave. Being on mission means we have determined the destination and resolved that following Jesus is the only way to get there. Luke tells us that Jesus said some specific things about potential distractions from the destination. Religious influence apart from Christ and complete trust in secular powers are two potential distractions Jesus warns us about. Like Jesus, our focus can allow us to be flexible as we trust God with the destination and allow ourselves to be led on the main highway, sometimes in order to help others on the byways.

THE MAIN THOUGHT keep this in mind as you facilitate discussion.
The best excuse is not reason enough to delay in following Jesus on your road.

SEE ITQuestions 10-15 minutes

Picture (What is the story saying?): What gives Jesus his focus? What is the significance of the road?  How did the cave prepare Jesus for the road? What do the fox and eagle represent? How did Jesus balance focus and flexibility?

Mirror (Where am I in the story?): Do you have a firm sense of your destination?  Are you more comfortable on the highway or on the byways?  How have moments in the cave prepared you for the road? Does fear of the rocks keep you from putting your hand to the plow?

Window (How does the story change how I see those around me?): How can the concept of “Not on a horse; not in a hurry,” help you really see others? What happens when efficiency becomes more important than presence?

BE IT – Practice 10-15 minutes
Change UP // Fixed Gaze 5 minutes
Where is your resolve set? Jesus was determined to do the will of God no matter what. Is there any excuse that is delaying you from following Jesus? Do one or both of these: Take the next 15 days to commit Psalm 23 to memory (or some other scripture passage that reminds you of where your gaze is set). Write in your Cave, Road, Table, Fire Journal.

Change IN // Focused Grace 5 minutes
The fields we’re called to plow are rocky, and if we’re not paying attention our plow can get stuck or knocked off course. Who in your life can you rely on to gracefully remind you to look where you are going instead of drifting to the side? Is your family on mission together? Are you regularly a part of a smaller community that has common interests and looks for ways to encourage each other spiritually? What is one thing you can do this week to connect with a person or a group that will be intentional about helping you grow in God’s grace? Take a step to get out of the cave and onto the road with others who are following Jesus.

Change OUT // Flexible Goal 5 minutes
The road can represent one of the thin places in our lives. As we go on our way doing very practical things we may meet someone and become aware that God has put something spiritually significant in our path. Your road may be the hallway you walk down or the coffee shop you frequent. Pray this week that God will help you see people you may not normally notice. Your face is set with determination to do the will of God. Let that resolve fuel your flexibility to bless those He leads you to on the road.

Take a few minutes to gather any prayer requests and pray for each other to SEE IT and BE IT this week.

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