EMPOWERU Dates for 2019 
May 13th-July 23rd

We are empowering a generation of college students to be equipped and trained as gospel-centered disciples and ministry leaders fueled by long-term love for Jesus. Empower U is Grace Snellville and College@Grace partnering to see students encouraged and challenged in a number of different ways:

  • Students are discipled by Grace Staff into a summer of wholehearted devotion to Jesus. (Weekly Devotionals led by Interns, Worship with the Word, Heart Check)
  • Students thrive as a part of a close-knit community.  (Intern Retreat, Weekly Family Meals, Accountability Groups, Friday Fun Days)
  • Students serve in ministry areas (Middle School, High School, College) understanding the ins and outs of how to lead with humility. (LUG, True North, College@Grace, Staff Meetings, Prayer Meetings)
  • Students lead in various house church expressions. (HS House Church, Gwinnett College House Church, College AM)
  • Students receive weekly biblical teaching as well as tools/opportunities to effectively teach others the Word of God. (First Commandment Class, Younique Class, Preaching/Teaching Class, Huddle Time, etc.)
  • Students will learn how to effectively minister cross-culturally. (Generation Salaam, JAQ Training, Missions Training)
2019 Opportunities

Track 1: Part-time position; 15-20 hours a week

Track 1 interns are immersed in a season of discovering their identity in the Lord and developing a long-term vision for loving God within the community of EmpowerU. Interns are discipled by Track 2 and given the opportunity to experience cross-cultural ministry with our Generation Salaam summer program in Clarkston.

In terms of schedule, here are a couple of training opportunities specific to Track 1: Younique Course, 1-on-1 Coaching, 1st Commandment Class

Track 2: Full-time position; 35+ hours a week

Track 2 interns are immersed in our student ministry and discipleship model. In other words, you will have the ability to work within a specific team (Middle School, High School or College) on a weekly basis interacting with other team members in executing vision, events, services and most importantly, developing discipleship relationships with real time spent with students.

In terms of schedule, here are a couple of training opportunities specific to Track 2: Participating in All Team Meetings, Church Younique Course, and Sermon on the Mount Theological Class


Apprenticeships– Leading Student Ministry

Residency– Post-College Leadership Development

Former Intern Testimonials

“The three months of the internship centered my gaze solely on the gospel…”

“My fellow interns affirmed me in the person the Lord created me to be.”

“Over the course of the internship, learning more about the heart of God made me eager to sit still and listen to him. Being around people who valued the same thing held me accountable to do so.”


If you have any other questions, feel free to email

APPLY HERE or find “EMPOWERU INTERNSHIP 2019” under Event Tabs at my.gfc.tv starting in May 2019




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