They say it’s the most wonderful time of the year. The air is cold. The nights are long. Music fills the air and lights decorate the houses in our neighborhoods. It seems like everyone is having a party. It’s Christmas season and everyone is anticipating something special.

When I was young, Christmas was all about the presents. We made Christmas lists and hoped that our wildest dreams would come true. But as we grow older, Christmas becomes less about the presents and more about the presence. It’s the time when we visit our parents or our children come back home. It’s the time when everyone puts aside their differences and just for a moment there is a hint of peace, joy, hope and love. And something inside of us longs for this. It’s almost as if Christmas is the dream where all of life is as it should be.

This week we at Grace we continue our Advent adventure by journeying with the person closest to Christmas—the one who carried Christmas with her wherever she went. We’ll continue to see how God not only spoke to Mary and gave her a dream, but also confirmed that dream through the gift of community. So come join us Sunday, because this week’s Christmas message is one that none of us should experience alone.


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Dave Rhodes

Dave Rhodes

Pastor of Discipleship
Dave has been a good friend of Grace for many years, and together his family has been making disciples and reaching the next generation in many ways. Dave serves as our Pastor of Discipleship and Movement Initiatives, with a focus on investing in the leadership for our adults.
Dave Rhodes
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Dave Rhodes

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