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Faith can be described by many different adjectives. But as we reach the end of Hebrews 11 this week, I’ve been caught on just one word: “full.”

What would it look like to have full faith?


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Title: Full Faith // Scripture: Scripture: Hebrews 11:32-40

ARRIVAL / SOCIAL TIME 15-20 minutes Spend the first 15 minutes or so of your time together catching up and socializing with one another. Also find time to catch up together on how the assignments from last week turned out.

SERMON REVIEW 5-10 minutes

Faith can be described by many different adjectives: struggling, secure, brand new, battle-tested, stretched, shrinking, etc. As we reach the end of Hebrews 11 this week, we can summarize the faith of these heroes with just one word: full. Hebrews 11:32-40 gives us insight into what it looks like to have the full faith of our forefathers.

Full faith doesn’t mean we focus on our own agenda and it doesn’t depend on the outcome. In fact, full faith perseveres when everything is on the line … regardless of the outcome. The outcome of our faith can sometimes be dramatic and immediate, but it can also be delayed and even disappointing. What we know with confidence is the God in whom we trust promises we will be delivered through the temporary broken resurrection of restoration in this life, or the permanent and better resurrection into completely new, eternal life in His presence.

The focus of our faith is Jesus, who shows us what God is like. The beauty of our faith in Jesus is we have a distinct advantage over the forefathers of our faith. We can not only depend on the promise of future resurrection; we can live as witnesses of the fact of Jesus’ resurrection as demonstrated in the lives of his first disciples.

God is inviting each of us, through the examples of the heroes of our faith in Hebrews 11, to allow the roots of our faith grow deeper and deeper. Full faith breaks through the shallow soil of outcomes and agendas and goes deep into God himself so the foundation of our faith and our great reward will be God and God alone.

THE MAIN THOUGHT keep this in mind as you facilitate discussion.
Persevering faith is trusting God in every circumstance regardless of the outcome.

SEE ITQuestions 10-15 minutes

Picture (What is the story saying?): What kind of people does this passage commend for their faith? What did they all have in common? What were the two outcomes of their faith? What are the blessings of dramatic deliverance? What are the challenges? What are the blessings of delayed deliverance? What are the challenges? What is our advantage over these faithful heroes?

Mirror (Where am I in the story?): Which faith story in Hebrews 11 do you most relate to in your own life? How has God given you opportunities to learn that type of faith? What sort of faith is God inviting you to demonstrate in your current situation? What is one truth from this passage you can rely on to strengthen your faith now? How are you embracing both types?

Window (How does the story change how I see those around me?): How can embracing both dramatic and delayed deliverance in your own life impact your family, community, or workplace? What would it look like for you to strategically and regularly be engaged in the world … in your sphere of influence? What steps can you take to exist together in community in a way that intentionally shows your faith?

BE IT – Practice 10-15 minutes

Change UP // Exercise 5 minutes
Start by speaking out loud words, phrases, or short scripture that describe God’s faithfulness. Spend a few minutes together in prayer thanking God for his amazing faithfulness. End by singing “Great is Thy Faithfulness” together.

Change IN // Group Activity 5 minutes
Invite each person in the group to briefly share a personal faith story. What is the truth God revealed about himself? Now give the group a moment to share a current faith struggle. Commit to pray for each other’s faith.

Change OUT // Life Application Assignment 5 minutes
This week, God is giving you an open opportunity to interact intentionally with your neighbors. Ask God right now how he wants you to specifically engage your world and your community … then DO IT!

Take a few minutes to gather any prayer requests and pray for each other to SEE IT and BE IT this week.

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