Sunday, October 29, 10:45am in the middle school room. Click here to register.

It doesn’t take very long to see how important families are to our church. Families are core to who we are. Becoming a member at Grace is no different. We believe that being a member of a church should reflect living as a united family. Our Joining the Family class is centered around these two things: Story and Values.

Family Story
Becoming a part of our church family calls us to better understand our Family’s story. At Grace we believe that all who are in Christ are caught up in the larger Story called the Kingdom of God. Our first gathering tells the Story of our Heavenly Father from beginning to the end. Afterwards, you will have the opportunity to discuss with others what part of the Story you find yourself in and what that means as you join the family of Grace.

Family Values
Every family has values that bind them together. There are some we might want to forget like Great Grandmothers turkey stuffing. But others define us and unite us in ways that are unique to our story. Sometimes these are expressed in simple sayings or phrases. Some of ours include, “Worship and the Word” or “Neighborhood, Nations, Next Generation”. These are words that might sound simple, but they carry a lot of meaning for our family. They unify us and make us keep going despite any obstacle. As a church it describes how we express God’s leading as we participate as a family in the Kingdom Story.

For more information about the upcoming Joining the Family class email Rebecca Roudebush ().

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