Songs can’t solve every problem, but they do have a tendency to galvanize revolutions. Whether it was “We Shall Overcome” during the Civil Rights Movement or “La Marseillaise” in 18th-century France, the power of a great song to unite is undeniable.

And by the fall of 2016, amidst news of violence, inequality, and one of the most divisive political campaigns in recent memory, it became increasingly apparent that we need quite a bit more unity here in the United States. Of course, as followers of Jesus, our first allegiance is to him and his Kingdom. And so several of the Atlanta-based worship leaders at 10,000 Fathers teamed up with Atmosphere of Heaven from Chicago to write a handful of songs together.

On October 2, at Grace Snellville’s 1123 house, these leaders packed out a room for an evening of worship and dialogue about some of the issues—particularly racial issues—that continue to divide our community. It was a raw but powerful evening.

Below, you can download the free audio of four of the songs they wrote and led that evening. Our hope is that projects and songs like these would continue to inspire the quiet but profound revolution of the Kingdom among God’s people.

Song Downloads

Grace Came Running (Acoustic)
Let Us Be Known (Acoustic)
Our God is Strong (Acoustic)
Yaweh (Acoustic)

David Walker

David Walker