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For the Church

The Church is the expression of Jesus on the earth.

Jesus said what reveals true disciples is the love we have for one another. We want our local church to express the love of God and the fullness of life in His Kingdom to this city and community. Whether we’re at the grocery store or at the office, we’re signs of the Kingdom. As we gather all together in one place on Sunday, we create a picture of Jesus that will change lives. It takes all of us, working together, to “build up the church” so if you’re looking to get involved there’s tons of ways to serve.

Every week, faithful Grace-Monrovians volunteer on Sunday Serve Teams as one of the avenues to use their gifts. Whether you want to serve once a month or every week, we’d like you to consider one of the following teams as your next step in serving for the church:

GraceKidz – newborn through 5th grade
Production – audio, video, media presentation
Hospitality – greeters, ushers, coffee, Welcome Center

To Sign Up For A Serve Team, Please Complete A Serve Team Application Here.

There’s no substitute for life-on-life discipleship.

Psalms 78:6 teaches that each generation is responsible for reaching the next. These relationships are more critical now than ever. While 65% of the “Builder” generation (born 1927-1945) consider themselves a Bible-based believer, only 35% of Boomers (born 1946-1964) and 16% of Busters (born 1965-1983) identify themselves the same way. And for Millennials (those born since 1984), the oldest of whom turn 30 this year, the number is only 4%.

This statistic isn’t just a number for us. This group represents a large percentage of our church body. We’re committed to connecting the next generation of leaders with shepherds and disciple-makers from the generation before with the expectation that they too would disciple the generation behind them.

On Sundays and Wednesdays, there are opportunities to disciple children and students through GraceKidz, LUG, and True North. For college and young adults we can train and partner you with a group to disciple over the course of a school year.

If You Want To Disciple Or Be Discipled, Please email .

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