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Families & Kids

God is active in the lives of kids– they can hear from God and make an impact in His Kingdom.

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GraceKidz is the Children’s Ministry of Grace-Monroe and includes Nursery through 5th Grade.  Our goal is to supplement the families of Grace in their building of a spiritual foundation, so that in God’s timing, each child will be led into a personal, growing relationship with God through Jesus Christ.  Just as with adults, we desire to equip children to bring the Kingdom where they are through in-depth Bible teaching, and then reinforce that teaching in small groups.  GraceKidz meets during our regular Sunday gatherings at 9:30am and 11:00am.

GraceKidz age groups:
Kindergarten-3rd Grade
4th-5th Grade

Our discipleship ultimately supports the family, empowering parents to be the primary disciple-makers for their kids.  This begins by building godly marriages, starting even before engagement.  And in a culture where divorces increase, we’re committed to fruitful, lasting marriages and families.  We believe healthy families require healthy community.

Join a Community.

Here are some of the ways you can serve with GraceKidz:

Bible Teachers:  We have kid-friendly curriculum we teach every Sunday revealing God’s great love for kids and His heart for the world.  As a Bible teacher, you’re introducing kids to Jesus, shaping their view of Him for a lifetime.  All that’s necessary to apply is that you love kids, love Jesus.  We’ll train you to do the rest.

Small Group Leaders:  Kids need time to process.  After the teaching, we break into small groups led by an adult.  Using the small group questions (don’t worry, we give you several to start with), our adult leaders facilitate group discussion so kids learn to process what God’s saying to them and how they’ll respond.

Nursery – Ages 0-36 months
Our youngest ones are cared for in a well-staffed environment, full of fun supervised activities, geared towards their abilities.  Nursery children remain in the nursery room.

It is our desire that children will come to Grace-Monroe and leave knowing that God created them, God loves them, and God is with them all the time.  Our Preschool classroom has a consistent leader and consistent assistant leaders, who are creative and aim to love on each child individually.  Our Preschool classroom is cheerfully decorated and is equipped with age-appropriate toys and learning tools.  During the Preschool time, the children are led in a Bible lesson, singing praise songs, crafts, snack, and both free and guided play.  Preschool children are dropped off and picked up in the Preschool Room.

Kindergarten – 3rd Grade
While in our younger class, children will learn to actively engage God in Sunday morning worship.  Our leaders encourage individuals to participate in large group worship and singing, Bible teaching with discussions, and small group activities.  There are also weekly crafts that reenforce the Biblical lesson.  Snacks are also provided.  While this age is more structured than preschool, there is still plenty of time allotted for kids to have “wiggle room” and lots of fun!  K-3rd Grade children are dropped off and picked up in the Main Kids Room.

4th-6th Grade
In our older class, children interact with peers and a consistent leader to learn Bible truths that are life-changing.  Our leader works closely with our Student Pastor, to ease the transition into the Main Worship Service, while presenting meaningful worship and discussions, relevant to the “tweenager”.  This age group enjoys group worship and praise songs, snacks, crafts, games, and other age-appropriate, Biblical-based activities that have real-life applications.  4th-6th Grace children are dropped off in the Main Kids Room and are picked up in the Open Classroom on the Kids Side.

Grace-Monroe GraceKidz Sunday Morning Schedule
9:45 am – Parents sign in Children and drop them off in their rooms.
10:05 am – Preschool Children come into the Main Kids Room for Group Worship Praise Time
10:30 am – Age Groups dismiss to their respective rooms for Bible Lesson, Craft, Snacks
End of Service – Parents pick-up from respective classrooms

Grace-Monroe Kidz Core Values
GraceKidz will teach the Bible accurately and relevantly to kids.
GraceKidz will intentionally shepherd children.
GraceKidz will teach children how to encounter God and respond to Him through worship.
GraceKidz will equip children to share God’s love with others.
GraceKidz will be a safe place.
GraceKidz will be kid-friendly.

Have more questions or a prayer concern for your children?  Please contact , GraceKidz Director.

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