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Tuesday Morning Devotion

Tuesday Morning Devotion

TrueNorth :: Pentecost Sunday

Promotion Sunday

Concerns of the Holy Spirit

Benton goes through the concerns of the Holy Spirit through John 16. Concerns of the Holy Spirit.Mp3

Who is the Holy Spirit?

Benton describes who the Holy Spirit is and what He does. Who is the Holy Spirit? Mp3

Commitment to God

Randy teaches from Daniel 6 and explains whatever we do in life needs to be sacred and not secular. We are the chosen people of God and we have a reason for hope. What is the reason for our hope? If we commit our lives to God like Daniel did, we will know. Commitment to God […]

How Do We Make an Impact?

Benton distinguishes the people who blend, protest, and impact the people around us and what it looks like.How Do We Make an Impact? mp3

Giving God the Glory

Mike Chatman reads from Daniel telling the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. Mike focuses his point on proclaiming all the signs and wonders to God because we cannot accredit luck when God is clearly behind all the miracles in our lives. When God comes through for us, give Him the all the glory. Giving God […]

Circles of Influences

After a short Pursuing Passion Q & A with some college students, John Raymond dives straight into the word. He focuses on the importance of being an influence to our peers while reading from the story of Daniel. Circles of Influence Mp3


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