Sign ups for Spring 2018 Classes and Weekend Intensives are open. View the list below and sign up for a class or intensive. The Spring catalog of all Grace Groups are available at Grace Snellville or you may download it here. The Spring 2018 season of classes runs January 21 – March 25.

As we seek to help you grow in your relationship with God, we are creating several Core Classes that we hope every person who calls Grace home will find time to invest in. Being a disciple means literally to become a learner, and so we have chosen to create several continual learning opportunities. Our hope in these classes is that we will all become life-long learners of the Words, Ways and Works of God in our lives and in our world.

We also know that you are very busy and that learning for many of you will need to be available on the journey and not simply in the classroom. That is why we are working hard to deliver the Class content to you in several different ways:

Weekly Classes (view list below): Weekly classes will be offered in both the Fall and Spring Seasons. These 10-12 weekly sessions will be offered at a predictable time each week for the duration of the season. View list below.

Weekend Intensives (view list below): Because we know many of you may have difficulty finding a weekly time to attend our Core Classes, we are also offering classes as Weekend Intensives. Weekend Intensives will help you grab hold of our Core Content in a concentrated way through a Friday evening and all day Saturday experience.

Spring 2018 Classes

Men’s Fraternity: The Way of the Kingdom
The Way of the Kingdom study is designed to equip you to hear from god as you encounter Jesus and his Kingdom in the Word and in prayer. and it empowers you to maximize your relational capital as you go out together into the wide world of your everyday relationships and share the good News of Jesus with the people you encounter there. Coffee and Chick-Fil-A chicken biscuits available!
GATHERINGS: Tuesday (weekly), 6:30am, Snellville campus
LEADERS: Dan Koenig and Dave Rhodes,
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Financial Peace (Sunday evenings) COST: $100
A nine week class that will start you on the path to Financial Peace.
GATHERINGS: Sunday (weekly), 5:15-6:45pm, Snellville campus
LEADER: Larry Legg,
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Financial Peace (Wednesday evenings) COST: $100
Come join us each Wednesday night as we eat a meal together and go through a nine week class that will start you on the path to financial Peace. Childcare available.
GATHERINGS: Sunday (weekly), 6-8pm, Snellville campus
LEADER: Karen Hardy,
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Intercessory Prayer Class COST: $20 for books
God wants us to pray for others, and intercessory prayer reflects God’s own character of outgoing love and mercy. It invites us into God’s care and concern for us, our families and friends, and the entire world. If you feel your prayers don’t count, join us to dig deep into scripture and see just how important they really are. Following Intercessory Prayer by Dutch Sheets. Childcare available.
GATHERINGS: Sunday (weekly), 5:15, Snellville campus
LEADER: Cheryl Robinson,
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Just Grace
At Grace we champion the need for social justice, from the nations to our neighborhoods. We are deeply invested in improving the lives of those around us. in Just grace we will explore the biblical and theological foundations for making our communities just places, as well as the daily steps we can take to get them there. Come to share a meal together each week, and then learn with us how god’s heart for a just world lies at the root of your heart for a just world, and how we can bring that world to be. Childcare available.
GATHERINGS: Wednesday (weekly), 6-8pm, Snellville campus
LEADER: Anthony and Kelly Briggman,
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Listening Prayer 2
Have you already taken a hearing from god class or a Listening Prayer class at grace? If so – and you want to learn more about helping others hear from God – then this weekly small group format is for you! We share a meal, then have teaching, training and prayer time. Childcare available.
GATHERINGS: Wednesday (weekly) 6-8pm, Snellville campus
LEADERS: Megan Keyes,
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Ignite: Living Life’s Second Half with Passion, Purpose & Joy
Have you ever wondered, where did the time go? If you are a Gen-Xer or a Boomer, you may be asking yourself that question, along with: What does god have in store for me now? How can i have a greater impact in the second half of life? What is the pathway for me to take to make a difference in this world, and to leave a legacy? Join us as we address the issues that we often face during what can be a rich season of life and learn how to be empowered to live out the remaining journey with passion, purpose and joy!
GATHERINGS: Sunday (weekly) 9am, 1123 House
LEADER: Chris Roberts,
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Men’s Community Bible Study (CBS)
Making disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ in our communities through caring, in-depth bible study available to all. August 8, 2016 – May 1, 2017. (to sign up for Men’s CBS, please contact Brian Hardy)
GATHERINGS: Monday (weekly), 7-8:30pm, Snellville campus
LEADER: Brian Hardy, 678-779-1760,

Spring 2018 Weekend Core Intensives

The Way of the Kingdom: Dignity Serves Core Intensive / February 23-24 COST: $25
For far too long, living a life on mission has been confined to people called missionaries: People that the church sends to spread the Kingdom of God throughout the world. but what if all of us started seeing ourselves as Kingdom ambassadors right where we live, work and play? This CORE content class is presented by dignity serves, and helps make missional life the norm for all of us, because if the world is going to change, it will take every Christian learning to live life as kingdom ambassadors.
(This is a Core Class. Limited to first 40 registered.)
GATHERINGS: Friday 6:30-9pm & Saturday 9am-3pm, February 23-24, 1123 House
LEADERS: Danny and Courtnee Wilson,
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Ventures in Oneness Core Intensive / February 23-24 COST: $25
In scripture, marriage is sacred. It is the highest form of covenantal relationship in which two people become one flesh – solidified in unity, intimacy, direction and pursuit. In fact, the apostle Paul uses the marriage bond as a metaphor for the unbreakable relationship between Christ and his church. Unfortunately, however, what we read so easily in scripture isn’t always as easily lived out in real life. In a world where 1 + 1 = 2, not just in basic math but in basic marriage, Ventures in oneness invites all of us into the brave new world of covenantal companionship where together we will find what life might look like when 1 + 1 become 1.
(This is a Core Class. Limited to first 40 registered.)
GATHERINGS: Friday 6:30-9pm & Saturday 9am-3pm, February 23-24, 1123 House
LEADERS: Grace Team,
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Five Capitals Core Intensive / April 13-14 COST: $25
Investment strategies for growing the stuff that matters. Life is a series of investments. every day we are faced with decisions on how to spend our time and other assets. but how do we make sure we are investing our best in the kinds of things that create a return, not just for our lives, but for the kingdom as well? Join us as together we participate in teaching, training and tactics around the five Capitals of Life that Jesus calls us to invest in and how to make the most of those investments.
(This is a Core Class. Limited to first 40 registered.)
GATHERINGS: Friday 6:30-9pm & Saturday 9am-3pm, April 13-14, Snellville campus
LEADERS: Dave Rhodes and Friends,
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Enneagram Core Intensive / April 13-14COST: COST: $35 (includes assessment)
By now, you’ve likely heard of the enneagram personality profile, one of the most powerful and insightful tools for understanding ourselves and others. At its core, the enneagram helps us to see ourselves at a deeper, more objective level which is invaluable on our path to spiritual growth.
GATHERINGS: Friday 6:30-9pm & Saturday 9am-3pm, April 13-14, Snellville campus
LEADERS: Cameron Walker,
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