Bottom Line: Erin is the Missions Director here at TrueNorth. She loves local and organic food, and has an incredible heart for sharing the love of Jesus with people of all cultures, races, religions, and countries.
Where you’ll see her: Erin leads our weekly local outreach in Clarkston called Infusion every Sunday afternoon. She can also be found throughout the week planning for worldwide trips so that Jesus can be better known in places like Peru and Kosovo.
Classic Quote: “The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches but to reveal to him his own.” Benjamin Disraeli

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Bottom Line: We would all be lost without Lori. Literally. She handles our administrative duties like calendar and sign-ups and does an incredible job taking care of the details some of us tend to “gloss over.”
Where you’ll see her: Hanging out in the Student Depot on Sundays to welcome you and answer your questions. She can also be found all over Grace throughout the week making sure everyone knows what is going on. Whatever you do, don’t sneak up behind her!
Classic Quote: Lori is the most positive person on our team, so anything that goes something like this, “That is great!” or “This was incredible!”

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Anita Rainwater

Bottom Line: Anita is our Volunteer Coordinator at GSM. She takes care of the D-Group Leaders, the LUG Heads, the LUG Adults, and every other incredible volunteer here at Grace. Not only does she keep them filled in on upcoming events, but she trains them and answers their questions too.
Where you’ll see her: Sunday mornings she hangs out at LUG AM meeting new students and parents. Wednesday nights she can be found at LUG Live keeping hundreds of students from going absolutely crazy. She also loves hanging out with her 3 children and does this as much as she can.
Classic Quote: Anita is constantly talking about how amazing our volunteers are and how thankful she is for them. “Without them, we could not do the ministry we do!”

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Bottom Line: The pastor of all the student ministry stuff here at Grace (LUG, Truenorth, College), and the only person you need to talk to if want to laugh so hard you’ll cry at stories of growing up on a horse farm.
Where you’ll see him: Any Thai Restaurant, driving a jacked up Red Jeep that says LUG on the back tire, or sometimes you’ll find him staring off in space wondering what he did right to marry Anita and have 3 great kids.
Classic Quote: Stats from Kentucky Basketball or “You can be the generation of change!”

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