Our Dream for ‘17 is to identify and empower 750 members of Grace Snellville to discover their calling in one of 3 major areas:
Pastor a parish
Partner to reach the Next Generation
Pioneer to the nations

Read more about these here.

Step 1: Preparation

For 5 Sundays, February 26 through April 2, following the sermon we will introduce a Younique tool which will be processed individually during the week.

In case you missed a week or need a copy of a tool, each can be downloaded below.

Step 2: Process in Pop-Up Groups

Participate in ‘Pop-up’ groups with like-hearted people to continue-in-community your journey toward greater confidence and clarity in your calling in one of 3 areas (your selection):

Pastor a local parish
Partner for the next generation
Pioneer with people of every nation

Pop-up groups will meet on Sundays April 23, 30 & May 7 at Grace Snellville at 10:45am and 5:15pm. Email and let us know which group (Pastor, Partner, Pioneer) and time slot (10:45am or 5:15pm) you would like to join.

Weekly Tool Downloads

Week 5 Tool:
CLICK HERE to download the 90 day Goal Worksheet

Week 4 Tool:
CLICK HERE to download the “One Thing” tool.

Week 3 Tool:
CLICK HERE to download the Narrative Funnel & Passion 360 sheet.

Week 2 Tool:
Step 1 – CLICK HERE to take the Five Fold Survey
Step 2 – DOWNLOAD the APEST Definition and Reflection Questions

Week 1 Tool with instructions: Hinge Moments and Life Discovery Grid

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