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Joseph: a Destiny from God

Joseph: A Destiny From God

Joseph: a Destiny from God

September 2, 2012

Bible Text: Genesis 37 |


Joseph was a boy with big dreams, big plans and a huge destiny from God that he felt ready to step it possible God had some other ideas? Perhaps there where some lessons God wanted to teach Joseph along the way? Perhaps God could see the bigger picture, and what Joseph thought was going to be an ascent to greatness, actually took a downward plunge to humility. Throughout these few chapters of Genesis, we see Joseph grow from a 17-year-old boy who lacked wisdom, to a man in his 30's who had learnt to rely fully on God. As we explore the life of Joseph, we'll be looking at how God wants us to step into our own Kingdom destinies, but that sometimes there's a season of refining he wants us to go through before we do.


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